Karate in its modern interpretation has become a rule-bound, sport orientated practice that although is not without merit is a shadow of its former self. Karate was born out of a need for self-protection pioneered over generations on the island of Okinawa during it’s Ryukyu kingdom period. The practices that were developed were extremely effective at controlling and negotiating unwarranted acts of physical aggression.

At our classes, we are committed to reviving these practices in a safe but realistic environment. We offer both adult and child classes with one to one tuition also available where you will learn:

  • 2 person drills along with solo exercises
  • Pad work to aid the development of precision and power
  • How to negotiate the clinch
  • Groundwork
  • Joint locks, limb entanglements and strangulations and much more……

The learner develops these skills over a long period of time and at their own pace. We believe that you’re journey in the martial arts should be lifelong and not rushed, during your kyu grades (coloured belts) many important lessons are learned, skills are honed, weaknesses can be identified and turned into strengths, strengths can be identified and turned into even greater strengths.

If you are waiting until you are ready, you’ll be waiting the rest of your life…….

Surround yourself with those that are hungry for success……

Come and join the family

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Bun Bu Ryo Do- Bonnyrigg karate club

Old school karate at Beeslack high school, Lasswade centre and the Pitcairn centre. Friendly environment to train, first class free and all welcome